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As Love Moves

Dear Friends,these beautiful words of Gabrielle Roth resonate very deeply with me at this moment in my life and feel like a light on my path that has in the last two years, sometimes looked a bit foggy and dark.

"Healing is movement, disease is inertia. If you put your body in motion, you will change. We're constantly changing and any practice meant to serve our authenticity should reflect our fluid nature,the self is a dance,constantly in motion. Awakening our innate powers of being, loving, knowing, seeing and healing involves ongoing work at all levels and in all dimensions of our self."

Gabrielle Roth

I have been fascinated with and loved the 5 Rhythms for more than 20 years and am deeply grateful to Gabrielle Roth for her profound teachings and work, it has been a hugely important path and has definitely helped to heal and transform some parts of my life. I have also spent more than 35 years learning, experiencing and practicing many other things, for example: lots of different kinds of therapeutic bodywork, meditation, different forms of energy work and therapy, and studied with many different teachers. And now after 3 years of deep reflection and meditation, it is time to spread my wings and begin with my own way of working. Although I will not be giving 5 Rhythms workshops anymore, music, movement and dance has saved my life many times ever since I was a small child and will always continue to be an important foundation in my own life and my work.

Most of my teachers have said two things that were hugely important for my development and growth: the first was that “their work is the best and practically nothing else is needed”. The second was: “it doesn’t matter how good a technique is, without Love, it is mostly useless”. The first sentence helped me to discover that for healing to be deep enough so that it could really last and completely transform my life, one way of working was not enough and I needed different things that could heal my body, heart, emotions, mind and spirit. My experience is that it is similar for many other people and when I am working with myself or others, I am continually learning, looking, listening and exploring what works and what doesn’t.

And the second: (self)love is a hugely important path and process for me in my life and work with myself and others and my daily challenge is to keep remembering and practicing that and forgiving myself when I forget.

From my years as a body oriented therapist, I know that when I learn something new, I cannot use or integrate it into my life if I don’t “embody” it.

Meditation helps me to locate and remember that I have a silent centre inside of me that is deeper than my emotions and thoughts and without that daily remembrance, I am often like a ship without a rudder or keel.

One of the most important things that I learnt from Trauma Therapy is: the deepest healing comes when people feel safe, secure, loved and accepted and that means that I am daily practicing honesty, transparency and compassion with myself and when I am with others.

My wish for myself and others, is not only healing, but also that we can realise our unique potential, discover our inner creativity and live our truth. And my experience is that all of the things above - especially when carefully chosen in combination with each other and consciously applied with Love - can do that. And then, the next important step is to present them in simple and practical forms and steps so that anyone can transfom and enrich their daily lives.

The name of my work is:

As Love Moves - Heart-based Solutions for a Whole New World.