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Dance for your Life


introductory dance and movement evenings with Sangeet

How can we be more patient and loving, towards ourselves and others?
How can we feel more alive right now - without changing external circumstances?
How can we become aware of our potential?
How can we feel inspired and connect more deeply with our creativity?
How can we feel more at peace with who are, from the inside and bring that into our daily lives?

For this open evening, there will gentle, respectful guidance and we will use elements from the 5 Rhythms, conscious dance and movement and light meditations and in similar events in the past, many participants have found valuable insights to find answers to some of these questions.

I have been working with people for more than 30 years and these particular evenings are easy, deep, light and natural. We will create a safe space together, so that You can relax (even being around other people) and are able to reconnect and make friends with yourself - however You are and whatever you're feeling. Or even if You have forgotten how to feel, it’s completely possible to rediscover and experience the intrinsic wisdom of your body and find your own particular dance. And instead of criticising, condemning and judging yourself, have the possibility to find more freedom and pleasure through simple movement and expression, re-awaken your passion, sensitivity, sensuality and experience deep pleasure in simply being alive
And: I have seen that this is completely possible for everybody: sick, healthy, young or older, even for those with little or no dance or movement experience, especially for people who think that they can’t dance!

For this process there are no steps to learn, no special training is needed, the only important prerequisite is: that You are able to move some part of your body… well can You?