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"Dear Sangeet, you have touched me deep inside. Thank you for who you are! You have awakened a new feeling in me. I’m so excited by this unknown sense of freedom. You are doing a wonderful work! My life is dance! I feel overwhelming love and gratefulness for this gift. Thank you for guiding me on this part of the way. Your simple words: “You are enough”! mean more than all the “I Love You”s I’ve ever been told. Yes! And thank you for helping me to find my anger! Peace and joy to you!

" I needed to write and thank You from my heart – for the whole workshop and also your ideas, support and encouragement, your music and most of all for your gentle and loving way of being and working with people. The last three days were really good for me and even my backache which I normally have every day, is gone – even though I have been sitting and working at my desk for the last three days.
Evi Seizl


"Namaskar Sangeet. Thank you so so very much for the great workshop. I felt revitalised afterwards. Many things learnt and in process, I feel new, light and as fresh as a meadow of spring flowers. Lots of love.
Natasha Horn