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Re-awakening Love

A wholehearted dance and movement healing workshop with Sangeet

This workshop is a wake up call for the new era and for us to stop wasting our lives  with old ideas like: we are not enough (intelligent, beautiful, rich, healthy, young / old, experienced etc.), or: too much (too fat, thin, emotional, in our heads, sensitive, blocked, closed, needy, disconnected etc. etc.), these hypnotic voices in our heads are not ours, the morals and rules that we abide by, are mostly learnt from someone else and don’t bring us inner peace, contentment and happiness.
It is time to take a deep look at how we live - every moment and begin to start choosing something new, not from the past or from our heads but from our hearts.

The ideas that we are not OK or beautiful and perfect right now, is absurd and completely unnatural. And: it's time to understand that this is not the truth, but simply negative “beliefs” that we absorbed from others - and I know most of them really well from my own life and for the last thirty years have been gathering many powerful and subtle methods and tools that have not only worked really well for my own healing and liberation, but also for many others. And my experience is that when we create a safe space andare working in a supportive group of people who are longing for a new way of being, living and relating in their everyday lives, we can re-awaken the deeper levels of our hearts and see, feel and experience ourselves completely differently and a big step towards permanent healing, self-love, self-respect and acceptance are absolutely possible.