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Awakening the inner Lover

5-Rhythms Waves-Workshop

It is time to take a deep look at how we live - every moment and begin to start choosing something new, not from the past or from our heads but from our hearts.

This workshop is a wake up call for the new era, we have wasted so much of our lives struggling with beliefs like: we are not (intelligent, beautiful, rich, healthy, young / old, experienced etc.) enough, too much (too fat, thin, emotional, in our heads, sensitive, blocked, closed, needy, disconnected etc. etc.), these loud, authoritative voices in our heads are not ours, the morals and rules that we abide by, are mostly learnt from someone else, don’t come from our own experience, have nothing to do with our lives and don’t bring us inner peace, contentment and happiness.

The idea that we are not beautiful and perfect right now, is absurd and completely unnatural: no bird would think of taking singing lessons, flowers don’t have to “learn” to be beautiful and bloom, there are hundreds of varieties of trees some are straight, some bent, some tall and strong, others small and delicate; yet each one is perfect and (as far as I know) not in comparison or competition with each other.
Every animal is wonderfully graceful in all it’s movements, whether it’s an elephant, panther, snake or an eagle, without taking a single movement lesson.

We all desperately need to wake up the lover inside each of us so that we can see, feel and be aware of ourselves from a completely different perspective, only then is true healing, self respect and acceptance possible. The 5 Rhythms has, from my own experience, some amazing tools and when we are in a supportive group with people who have similar longings: deep transformation is completely possible.