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Love needs a home

A New Year workshop with Sangeet and assistants

Our true home is an inner place where we can feel safe and listen to our hearts for guidance. But for that we need to be empty and only then we are able to really open our arms and welcome life like a tree ready and waiting for spring.

This is the 13th time I’m doing this new year workshop and it is always a very profound and special transformative process, it is the most powerful time I know for sorting out the seeds we have sown and letting go of any unnecessary baggage that we have accumulated and taken on throughout the year and therefore is a huge chance to re-align ourselves and initiate the positive changes needed in our lives to feel whole and balanced.

My clear intention in working with people and especially in this particular workshop, is to provide tools that will support and nourish self-acceptance, self-love and also help the participants feel and realise their potential and bring transformation and permanent healing on all levels in their everyday lives.
In my own long history of working with many therapeutic processes, I know and understand the need and huge benefits of feeling “safe” to be able to explore deeply and with the help of at least five experienced assistants, we will create a heart orientated community that is a “Sanctuary”; where everyone is seen, respected and supported as unique individuals with different needs.

We'll be using a combination of many different healing and transformative methods like: Dance, Conscious movement, the 5 Rhythms, (Life) coaching, simple rituals, meditations, affirmations and guided visualisation.
And: we will also have time to chill-out, have fun, relax, meet informally and enjoy the beautiful nature around us.

I am limiting the number of participants, because it is important for everyone to be seen and be supported in their individual and unique process.

The workshop starts 26th December in the afternoon, finishing
at 16:00 on the 1st of January 2019.

Price is 440,- if registered and a 25% deposit is paid six weeks before the beginning of the Workshop. After that date: 480,-

Registration and information:
Bianka -
Tel. 0049 152 01321044 oder: 0049 341 6813722

For Information about accommodation and meals, please contact the venue:
Seminarhaus - Gut Alte Heide, Bremen 10, 42929 Wermelskirchen
Phone: ‪+49(0)2193 533990