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Men’s Workshop: The Way of the New Man

One of the biggest problems facing us today is chronic numbness, a huge percentage of Men today hate their jobs and have to make themselves numb just to earn enough be able to survive, which often means that they are very tired, have difficulty relating and communicating with Wives, or partners, children and are not able to make deep, lasting friendships and then often become lonely and depressed.
The truth is, that to survive, we humans need to have connections that are loving, respectful and honest and for that we have to feel, only then do we have the ability to understand ourselves and others and then we become more patient and compassionate. To be able to feel is also necessary to process and release chronic shame, guilt, beliefs that we are unworthy, not good enough and other similar self-destructive wounds that we are carrying from the past.

 Over the last 35 years I have worked with many wise and patient teachers, but my most profound healing experiences were in the company of other like-minded, empathetic, respectful Men, where there was a safe environment so that my trust in myself and others could start to grow again and in the last few years, the way I relate to both Men AND Women has become easier and much more nourishing and meaningful.

 I have managed to gather some practical tools and resources that continually transform things in my everyday life and I can again sense what feels good and what not, I feel happier and contented, am more grounded, stronger, AND sensitive and feel more whole as a Man. I have also discovered that It is not as difficult as I thought to change what I think and believe and that there is actually not much to learn, it's more about remembering, because recent research has constantly proved that young Boys up to the age of about 7 years old, feel exactly the same amount as young Girls, but all that happened is that most of us were simply “taught” that feeling pain. sadness and fear is a sign of weakness and not masculine.

In this workshop we will be using conscious movement and dance and things like; personal Coaching, special meditations and therapeutic, healing exercises from trauma therapy. We will be working slowly, building a safe space so that, in your tempo, You are able to become more and more aware of and embody your own unique wonderful, fulfilling qualities of masculinity and essence.