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Reborn with Wings

A Training for Life - ongoing year workshop  2018 with Sangeet and assistants, especially for people who are longing for healing, deep transformation, Love, more vitality, joy and fulfilment in their everyday lives!

My own experience is, if this is what I really want, the parts of me that are self-destructive and stuck in the past, first have to die and only then I can be reborn - like the Metamorphosis of a Butterfly or the Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the fire, because my understanding is that the root of most diseases (in body or mind), is that we have forgotten how to truly love and accept ourselves and to feel worthy to receive love.
My way of working in every workshop and class, is about finding our way back to that natural place of harmony, equilibrium and power and having a safe space to research deeper and practice that and the beauty of this particular journey is, we have lots of time for that process. And then: it really feels like we have wings and the whole sky is open and available for us to expand, grow and to know and live our full potential and unique creativity.

The subtitle “A Training for Life” means that during the year, also between the modules, the participants will receive tools, methods, resources and constant support from the others in the group, the assistants and myself to integrate things that they have learned and experienced into their normal lives.

We will be using  a combination of everything that I have learned over the last 35 years that has worked for me, things like; conscious dance / movement, 5 Rhythms, different kinds of gentle therapy and bodywork, personal coaching and various meditations.
This journey will be like boarding a ship together to follow a great river back to it's source and on the way, we will begin to feel more alive, experience new things and reconnect to ourselves and others in a more whole-hearted, deeper and healthy way.

This is the 14th time I am giving a year workshop and I can hardly wait to meet and get to know You and to start on this unique and very special journey together.