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Sanctuary: Healing through Intimacy -

a gentle revolutionary new process with Sangeet and assistents

The ability to be intimate with ourselves and others is hugely important, it has a unique capacity to treat sickness, depression, nourish our cells and dissolve old traumas.

We have so many ideas about what intimacy is and most of them are handed down or taught to us from people who don’t know what it really means either.Very often we engage in sex completely devoid of intimacy or intimate connection and making love can be a deeply nourishing part of intimacy and: sometimes a simple touch, hug or massage is be enough.

To be intimate with ourselves means to be able to listen to and take care of our daily needs, to be a loving, patient Mother, Friend or Lover to ourselves - especially in moments of loneliness, despair and hopelessness. To be intimate with others means to be honest and vulnerable, the ability to include our heart and practice listening and empathy, it can be a look, a word or sentence or a soft respectful touch. It can also be felt and transferred through a photograph, a song or poem and my own experience is that just a moment of intimate connection can transform our day or even change our lives.
When we don’t have enough regular moments of intimacy, we become cold, numb, hard, insensitive, depressed, we lose hope, our lives become meaningless, it’s difficult to feel passionate about anything and whatever work we are doing, will suffer and we will be much less creative and productive.
The good news is that we don’t have to learn it, we have all experienced moments of deep intimacy in our lives and know what it feels like and in a safe space, with gentle support and guidance, it is very possible to simply re-call those moments and then practice and experience.

A practical example of the healing power of intimacy is the proven scientific fact that a twenty second loving hug releases a huge amount of the bonding hormone and neurotransmitter; “Oxytocin” which is nature’s powerful antidepressant and anti-anxiety hormone.

In this workshop, we will be using movement, dance, meditation and many methods that I have learnt or created and used in my own life.
Physical closeness without sensitivity, respect and trust have no benefits on any level and I and my team of assistants will be showing You how to identify your boundaries and practice your limits of comfort and teach You how to say “no” and “slow down” so that You can again sense what feels good and what not and then are able to feel confidant and secure in your “Yes” and can welcome and receive the kind of loving physical contact that is nourishing for You.
We will be using gentle guidance and special music to help You to relax and support You to rediscover your natural sensitivity and sensuality, experience the healing power of soft, respectful touch and the joy of authentic heart connection.

There will also be opportunities to keep in contact with me, the assistants and the participants and receive support after the group so that You can continue integrating and practicing in your everyday lives and then there are two follow up groups where You will receive more support to integrate and deepen the practice.

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