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Adventure! Stepping into the new

Taking the first step into something new, can often be a daunting experience that takes some courage and needs support to feel safe and seen.
This Workshop is designed as an introduction to the way I work, we will be using movement, dance and also some parts of the 5 Rhythms as a basis and also other tools and resources that I have gathered over the years, to support you in rediscovering your hidden treasures and potential. Nothing is lost, but simply “forgotten”, because most of us have to often hide and suppress beautiful, wild and natural, parts of ourselves to survive in this society.
This compact process was specifically created so that we can gently begin to uncover the layers that keep us from living our lives to the full, can support each other in touching and expressing these parts together and it is very possible with time and more practice, to re-integrate them into our everyday lives, then: we often remember and experience things like self-love, power, clarity, sensitivity, inner balance and deep well being and life then starts to feel like an “Adventure”                                                                                                           

This workshop is also hugely helpful for people that know my work but might be going through a challenging or difficult period in their lives, it is like a quick shower and can help us to find our feet, center and direction.