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Whispers on the Wind

An “As Love Moves” workshop with Sangeet

Sometimes we get so stuck in our minds and daily routines that we feel sleepy, numb and forget that there is anything else. Then; we “accidentally” hear a piece of beautiful music, read some profound words, are inspired by a photograph, a piece of art, a flower or a child playing etc. etc. the mist then clears for a few seconds and the greyness of our life is sprinkled with colour, we are touched and are aware again that we have a body or may feel something in our hearts or find it is easy to be here in the present.
For this workshop, we will be mostly using a new way of working I have developed called RECEPTIVE MOVEMENT and DANCE. And: also a combination of other tools like different Meditations, gentle therapeutic and coaching methods and breathing exercises.                                                                                                                     This unique and new way of working comes from my own life journey; the struggles, successes, failures and experiences with meditation, trauma healing, therapy, 5 Rhythms and more. I work with very specific music and the effect on the body, cells and nervous system is deep yet very gentle, soothing and subtle.

I have been studying myself and also workshop participants as I have been introducing parts of it and have experienced that it brings: inner balance, gentle focus, childlike simplicity and joy, relaxation, expansion. It is uplifting, earthing, opening, healing - especially for our inner child, we experience depth, playfulness, lightness, brings us in contact with sensations, emotions and feeling in a creative and simple way. And so we are able to reconnect to the body very quickly, but gently. We then understand that softness is not weakness, but a profound and subtle strength like that of cats. It reminds us of the whispering but wise language of the heart and our essence and stimulates our creativity and potential.