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Presence -a journey from movement to meditation and back.

A workshop using movement, dance and much more, to rediscover and re-ignite your unique essential nature with Sangeet

What is this mysterious phenomenon called Presence? Have you ever been touched by the deep sensual poetry of a couple dancing Tango, the passionate fire of a Flamenco dancer, the exquisite grace of a ballet dancer, the natural spontaneous, movements of young children and the powerful yet subtle stillness of someone practicing Tai Chi.

In my experience, it is a visible expression of our essence and is something that we were born with, but for most us as children we learnt that sometimes our only defence in situations where we were told that we were too loud, too curious, too alive, too energetic etc. was to become numb and then had no other possibility, except to live from places of fear, compromise, and dependancy on others to tell us if we were good or bad, completely forgetting that we even had this unique quality inside of us, causing us to get tense and hard, losing self-trust and confidence and often “doing” or saying much more than we need to, to be seen, accepted or successful.

I have always been fascinated by this elusive nature of Presence and many of the profound things that I have learnt and experienced over the last 30 years, have given me a lot of insights and resources to keep on bringing me back to that magical space and I have been gathering a tool kit and set of maps and this weekend process is an important first step, specifically designed to support You remembering and reconnecting with your own exquisite, essential nature and can help You to relax and feel more at home in who You are, so that You can start to understand that your fire and sensitivity come from the same source and You are free to blossom into your unique creativity and potential and experience joy and contentment in your daily life.