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The Strength of a Rose

Dancing on the edge of Love, vulnerability and Power

This workshop is about discovering the power of vulnerability and we will be using the symbolism of a simple Rose flower. We may be moved by it’s colour, subtle fragrance and fragile beauty, but to reach it's flowering, it needs to welcome the Sun, Wind and Rain. The flower eventually dies but has released seeds and yet... something intrinsic remains. The flowering was the highest potential, but without the roots, stem and thorns the Rose is nothing.
Our roots – embedded in our connection to the earth, history and culture.
Our stem: straight, upright yet flexible, moving, dancing with life’s challenges.
Our thorns are not aggressive, but a reminder that we need to be treated with awareness and respect.
And Blossoming: rediscovering our inner beauty, finding our essential creativity and highest potential…
Whether we know it or not, we long to become whole and connected, this workshop may provide keys and support You on that symbolic journey; to cleanse your roots, so life can flow back in to your stems, sharpening the awareness of your thorns and lifting you up  to expand and shine.
We will create a safe space together to ground ourselves and find gentle ways to re-invent, live and express our uniqueness through movement, dance, heart connection, different meditations and more and begin to understand and experience that there can be a subtle, healing power in vulnerability

This workshop is for anyone, young or old who is longing for more meaning, sensitivity, vitality and depth in their lives and it is not important if you can dance or not, the only criteria is that You can move some part of your body.

The "5 Rhythms conscious movement" work has the keys to make us whole; wake up our roots, bringing life back in to our stems, sharpening the awareness of our thorns and lift us up into realms of pure creativity so we blossom, letting go of our seeds to be reborn every moment.